Did you know there are many advantages of debt review?

Today we going to look at the many advantages of debt review, currently there are many bad perceptions about debt review. Smart Debt Advisors is going to help clear any doubt you may have on the debt review process.

NCR approved – This is by far the most distinct advantage. Debt review is an NCR approved process whereby a debt counsellor will look at your finances and determine if your are over indebted or not. Since this is an NCR approved process, you can rest assured the process is regulated and so are the fees.

One Installment – You will pay one installment every month towards all your debt.

Reduced Installment – Your debt counsellor will negotiate with all your creditors to reduce your installment as well as your interest rate.

No further blacklisting – You will not be blacklisted any further while under debt review. However all credit bureaus will be updated to reflect that you are under debt review.

Rehabilitation – After you have paid all your debts and have obtained a clearance certificate you can once again enter the credit market.

No more annoying calls – Once you are under debt review you will not receive nasty calls from creditors or debt collectors.  However from time to time you may receive calls from creditors. All you need to do is refer them back to your debt counsellor.

Registered debt counsellor – you will only deal with a registered debt counsellor with the relevant qualification as well as experience. All debt counsellors need to registered with the national credit regulator. If you are unsure that the person you are dealing with is registered with the national credit regulator, you can go to  http://www.ncr.org.za and enter the persons first name and if they are no records found then that person is not a registered debt counsellor.

Legal Protection – Once the process has started , creditors cannot attach your assets or salary.

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