6 Ways to save on valentine day gifts

With mounting pressure to buy expensive gifts, one would be tempted to over spend on valentine’s day. Remember saving is always key and shows a much more organised way of handling your finances.

#1 If you planning to buy roses, try and buy them 1 or 2 days earlier. Roses on valentine’s day could start from as much as R350 per a bunch of 20 roses. Try and buy roses from a large retailer rather than a small shop. If you buy roses early, stick them in the fridge so they last longer. Also consider buy flowers with your friends…you may get a bulk discount.

#2 Eat at home, it is far cheaper to eat at home rather than eating out. Dining in will also create a much more romantic atmosphere. Look online for interesting and new recipes.

#3 Use old gift cards or the cash rewards/points on your rewards cards to pay for gifts.

#4 Make a card on valentine’s day rather than going out and buying a generic card. Your partner may just appreciate the personal touch.

#5 Celebrate 1 day later, this way you can buy everything cheaper. You may even get huge discount on flowers and chocolates. It really does not matter which day you celebrate valentine’s day as long as it is spent with the person you love.

#6 Set a limit, it is always wise to set a spending limit, so you avoid over spending. Decide with your partner on a limit.